Gift Guide:Boyfriend

I’ve heard it & I’ve said it before….guys are hard to shop for. I know my boyfriend pretty well but I’m having a hard time deciding what to gift him. If you’re having a tough time buying a gift for your boyfriend or any guys in your life hopefully the following gift idea list will give you a direction!

Subscriptions-From magazines to monthly boxes with goodies there is a variety of subscription-based gifts you can give. If you think getting a subscription is the way you are leaning I recommend committing to a year. This will give him the chance to really enjoy it & decide if it’s something he would like to continue.

Magazines: Not everybody likes getting magazines, so choose this one wisely. A good alternative is checking if there is a online subscription so they can access the magazine on their tablets & smart phones. If regular paper magazines are the way you want to go, you can find subscriptions at discounted prices on websites like

  1. ESPN-Any sport industry fan that enjoys to read about latest news
  2. Lucky Peach-For the aspiring chef & those who love the culinary industry
  3. GQ– For the stylish guy or the ones who need a little help

Grooming:There are plenty of grooming & beauty product subscriptions for women. I’m happy we are seeing more for men on the market! Either for grooming or for their interests, there just might be a box for them!

  1. Dollar Shave Club– Razors are expensive. This company gives your man the ability to get quality razors delivered to his door for a reasonable price. They also have more than just razors! Check out their other products that compliment this subscription.
  2. Birch Box for Men-Yes. There is a Birch Box for the guys! They will have the choice of grooming products & lifestyle accessories.
  3. Lootcrate-For the gamer in your life they will enjoy a monthly box of limited edition items, gaming products, & other great gear.

If subscriptions are not the choice for your guy, think about some of these gifts.

  1. Cigar Kit & Lounge Membership– If your guy is like my guy, he likes smoking cigars. Put a cigar kit together rather than buying a ready made one. This gives you room to be creative. I suggest taking a vintage cigar box put a couple cigars in there, a cutter, matches/lighter, tongue scrapper, & a membership card for the local cigar lounge. The one my boyfriend belongs to is about $25 a year.
  2. Golf Log & a year pass at the golf course-A few months ago I found this golf log at a local store here. I couldn’t contain my excitement & gifted what was going to be my boyfriend’s Christmas gift as a just because gift. I had planned to give him the log & a year pass to one of the local golf courses.
  3. A couple gift-Maybe y’all had a conversation & decided to spend time together (& the money on something you can do together). If a romantic trip to the mountains isn’t in your budget, there are other great activities you can do together. Maybe a fun weekend getaway to a local brewery or winery is more in your budget. Or a fun camping trip to enjoy each other’s company with no worries!

Now, you know the person you are shopping for the best so don’t worry yourself. I just hope these suggestions were either a hit or sparked an idea for you! Remember shopping for gifts shouldn’t be a stressful task. Have fun & be creative!

Christmas Feels!

Christmas trees are probably going up as you read this & probably as I’m typing! For some people holidays are about tradition. Whether it’s decorating with your family or opening gifts at mid night on Christmas Eve, like my family, or only hanging handmade ornaments on the tree, the season brings loved ones together. There is nothing like the traditional red, white, green & gold color scheme to signify Christmas. Though, from experience there’s always a question of should we get new decorations? Well, the answer is maybe we should. I want to share a few holiday trends that I would love to incorporate into my decorations.

Christmas Feels

Metallic, copper, & bronze pieces are great alternatives to silver & gold. So I was stoked when I stumbled on a vintage bronze 3-piece set of deer at an antique mall. These deer are the perfect mix of the bronze trend & another trend I like…woodland creatures. Integrate animal figures or ornaments of foxes, bears, birds, & rabbits. If metallic creatures are not your cup of hot cocoa try metallic signage or other accent pieces.

In the past couple years beautiful scripting & creative graphic designs have taken over greeting cards, canvases, prints, & well just about anything. Add a scripted sign or accent pillow to freshen up your décor or tableware for a different approach. LED lights are always a fun additive to the house. There are plenty scripted LED signage you can find or like the lantern above. You can place these outside on the back porch or side tables.

The great thing about these holiday trends is they can all unite in one or two pieces if you don’t want to drastically stray from tradition! One thing to remember when decorating for the holiday is it should be enjoyable & spent with people you love. I decorated my apartment alone one year in Denver & it was just not the same. If you need inspiration for holiday décor you can always turn to forecasting sources, blogs, magazines, & the obvious…Pinterest.

What are your traditions? I would love to hear about them!

Hello Again

It has been awhile since my last post. Months actually. In these past months I’ve been incredibly busy with…living life. My week days start early and end early. In this adulting life I have grown to value my sleep so much more. An early start for me is at 6am (alarm is set for 5 though) to get to work by 8 and even then I am cutting it close (I should probably quit my snooze button addiction). Between a full time job, yoga, going to the gym & starting an online education by pursuing a interior decorating certification, every second my head is laying peacefully on my pillow I’m cherishing it.

So why am I trying this blog thing again? Well because I can’t stop thinking about it. Even though my previous try only lasted about 4 months it never really got to where I wanted it to be. I felt it, or I, was trying to be a lot of things! I want to try again. I want to try a new approach. That approach is just to deliver content that shares a bit of my life with the community I want to be a part of. From fashion/style, homestyle, and everyday things, I want to share. Not that I think everybody is dying to know what I think or do.   
I invite you to follow along & share your life too. In the upper right hand corner you can find the menu to navigate throughout the page! 

Let’s all go to the movies!


New Bruanfels, Texas is a lovely town just north of San Antonio that makes for a perfect stop usually on the way to Austin. I love going to New Braunfels for their quaint cafes, hip bars, & now their drive in, Stars & Stripes. In true drive in form there are two showings per screen for only $8 per person. Our movies were Jurassic World & Pitch Perfect 2,we had to leave after Jurassic World so we missed Pitch Perfect 2. Before the movie started we walked over to their diner for dinner & snacks. Unfortunately, they don’t have milkshakes on their menu yet but once they do I will be there! The drive in was filled with families, friends, & couples enjoying their Friday night in a way people did when drive in theaters were introduced in the 30’s. I can’t wait to go back! 
IMG_9726 IMG_9720
IMG_9732 IMG_9717 IMG_9738 IMG_9736

Golden Hour

My skin care routine has changed many times over the past years. In high school I had very smooth & clear skin! One or two pimples would pop up but they would go away within a few days. My routine then was wash my face once a week, not much of skin care routine. When I moved away for college I had to start taking better care of myself. With the stress of school & climate change I started to have frequent pimples. It was when I moved to Denver I started to experience mild acne! One of my trips home I decided to visit a dermatologist. I was prescribed medicine, that made it worse before it got better. After using the medicine I was left with acne scars & I felt the cream given to me was not helping. I continued to use over the counter washes & acne spot treatments until I discovered Kiehl’s Since 1851. Kiehl’s carries natural skin care products that work very well! I used their Ultra Facial Cleanser & Ultra Facial Cream everyday. I highly recommend both products! Although I was happy with my skin care I wasn’t tending to my scars. After pursuing many blogs I decided to create a routine using honey, coconut oil, essential oils, & castile soap. Not only do I notice the difference in my skin but others do too! I’m still working on my scars (honey is a great scar fader that helps increase tissue regeneration & is anti-inflammatory) but I’m happy with how my skin looks! I still get a couple pimples when it’s that time of the month & I treat them with tea tree oil. So let me introduce to you my new skin care regime!

Morning: Instead of using soap I wash my face with raw organic honey then moisturizer with coconut oil.
Evening: Using Dr. Bronner’s Castile Bar Soap, I like peppermint, I wash my face. After drying I put honey on my face for 5-10mintues. When all the honey is off, I moisturize! Mixed in a bottle is almond oil, vitamin E oil, & tea tree oil, with a few drops on a cotton ball I apply to my face.

Very simple & beneficial! What is your skin care routine? & how do you handle acne & it’s scarring?



My May month goals were half accomplished because as much as you plan for something, anything could happen. My family experienced the loss of my great grandmother a few days before Mother’s Day. She was a beautiful woman of 94 & was ready. As I sat holding her hand while she took her last breath I couldn’t help but think how amazingly blessed she was to have lived a long life to see her family grow & grow. She raised three strong women who have showed their children the gift of love & family. I know the values that have been passed down from her will give me the ability to have a strong loving beautiful family of my own one day.

Mid-May I decided to a take a step back & reevaluate the purpose of my blog. After four years of studying marketing it felt like I didn’t take any lesson into consideration. It’s easy for me to make a plan for somebody but when it comes to myself I’m a bit lazy. I asked myself what I wanted this blog to be; How am I going to accomplish this? How will I make it fun for myself & readers? I know I want to become a lifestyle blogger & succeed. Following my favorite lifestyle blogs I’m always studying how they accomplish success. I am changing the structure of how I’m going to do things. Receiving advice from my friends I learned they like my Monthly goals & I do too. In addition to my Monthly posts there will be categories called Weekly & Daily. Weekly posts, added on Sundays, will be a collection of my outfits from the week (Sunday-Saturday). Daily posts will be added 2-4 times a week documenting activities, thoughts, & the goals I accomplish. I am excited to start this new plan to share the way I view our city & my interests.

As much as I wanted this post to be finished yesterday, I was involved in a car accident, like I said anything could happen. On my way to work stopped at red light I was hit from behind by a rather large truck compared to my Sentra. The impact was so hard I hit the car in front of me. We pulled off to the side & immediately checked on each other’s well being. Being in the middle with the direct impact, my car & myself suffered the most damage. I’ve never been in an accident but knew exactly what to do. Trying to hold in my tears I made the necessary phone calls & started exchanging information. The scariest thing of the accident was feeling so helpless. I saw him in my rearview mirror with no sign of stopping & I couldn’t do anything, it happened so fast. I’ve had my car for about 5 years & I was so heart broken to see it get towed away. After leaving the scene I finally had a moment to breathe, that’s when the whiplash kicked in. Conveniently, I have the next two days off to relax & take the proper medication. I’ve been laying bed with a heating pad & indulging in my new Netflix addiction, Bloodline.

I planned for this month to be a bucket list but I am unsure of how long my body will be feeling uncomfortable so I’m keeping my goals. The bucket list will be added later, maybe just an all-together summer bucket list! I hope you all enjoy the new structure of my blog & please,please,please drive safely & be alert!

Paddle Board Yoga

Goal: Paddleboard Yoga
I love yoga. I love paddle boarding. So of course I was ecstatic when I read there was paddleboard yoga at Boerne Lake. There are two sessions a week, Thursday nights & Saturday morning. I would love to make each session but depending on my work schedule that could be a bit difficult. My goal is to go at least once a week, which I feel is best for my body after experiencing whiplash. I look forward to building my spine strength because I love my back bends!


Goal: Archery Session
I’ve had fun at shooting ranges before so I wanted to try something new. Groupon has a great deal for a local archery academy that I’ve wanted to try. The Groupon is for a one-hour session for $11 for one person but with an option for an hour session for two only for $20. Whether I go alone or not, I’m doing it!


Goal: Volunteer somewhere
In high school & college I enjoyed volunteering for different organizations in the community. It’s been awhile since I have lent a hand to those in need & this month I want to help. My favorite place is to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House! I haven’t decided where I will spend time but there are plenty of options.

Sunday Drive

Goal: Take a Sunday drive
Living in San Antonio we are surrounded by many charming towns. I’ve been to a handful of the well known ones to either spend the day or just for a pit stop to a larger city. I have a lot of things in common with my dad, one is we like to enjoy a nice pastry from a bakery or café. Living on the east coast I got to try plenty of cafes, my favorite is Pastiche in Providence, Rhode Island. Pastiche was located across the street from my freshman dorm, which started my cheesecake brownie addiction. I want to take advantage of having Sundays off by visiting small town cafes to enjoy a pastry! It’s also a new spin on Sunday Treats!